Rainbow Stone Bead Bracelets - Pair
Rainbow Stone Bead Bracelets - Pair
Rainbow Stone Bead Bracelets - Pair
Rainbow Stone Bead Bracelets - Pair

Rainbow Stone Bead Bracelets - Pair

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Trust your intuition!

Metaphysically, the purple agate is said to promote better physical/emotional balance, poise and stability and assists in allowing you to trust your own intuition. We combined it here with a rainbow bracelet which consists of a variety of stones including tiger's eye and red agate (for a little pop and passion).

HANDMADE: Burkina Faso


What is the BIG deal about these stone bracelets!?

How and why a person uses them can be unique to the individual, but here are some ideas:

#1 - THE COLORS THOUGH! - The colors are magnificent. Purchase all of the various colors that you like and use them to coordinate with your different outfits and moods!

#2 - NATURAL BEAUTY - Perhaps sometimes we lose sight of the fact that, not only are these stones beautiful, but they are naturally occurring. Every natural thing has its own vibration and so you may find a stone that is not only beautiful but resonates with you on many levels. You may find that just seeing these beautiful stones on your wrist or around your neck, that YOU have chosen, can be enough to reset your mood daily!

#3 - METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES - If you're into the spiritual properties of various stones then you probably need no introduction. Get one that works for you or get different ones for different times.

Whatever your reason, whether it's the color, the beauty or the benefits, we hope your bracelet brings you a sense of joy, peace, calm or any other positive feelings.

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