original painting, African art from Burkina Faso by Boubakary Konseimbo

Elegant Bird 23x38 - Original Painting

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An original painting by Boubakary Konseimbo.

Mr. Konseimbo's paintings often feature birds and fish even when they are not immediately discernible. In this painting, the Elegant Bird is front and center with feathers, feet, head and beak easily recognizable. Still, the artist leaves much to ponder in this depiction of an elegant, yet quixotic bird.

Boubakary Konseimbo (Bouba K.) is a self-taught, highly successful, and internationally renowned artist from Burkina Faso, Africa. He pursued painting because he loves it and readily admits that he never thought he would make a living as an artist. These days you can find him at any number of art festivals and competitions throughout the US and abroad, usually winning first place. In a recent interview, he told AFRK LIFE about his inspiration, his technique and how he knows when a painting is completed.