Our Commitment

Support Traditional Arts

Buy natural, beautiful, and sustainable products.

Modern Tech
Technology has become an integral part of modern society. It has brought us, not only personal conveniences, but also critical advancements in the food, housing, healthcare and other industries. However, an unbalanced application of the utilitarian values of technology (which are “cheaper, faster, now”) is leading to longer term sustainability issues for the planet.

Traditional Arts 
Traditional arts on the other hand, value nature, beauty and balance (harmony). It can be defined as art that is a part of the culture of a group of people, skills and knowledge of which are passed down through generations from master craftsmen to apprentices. Only natural materials are used such as leather, cotton, wool, wood, metal, clay, shells, beads, to produce quality goods that won’t have to be replaced every few years. As a matter of fact, goods crafted from natural materials wear beautifully and actually become more valuable with time. This naturally leads to a more sustainable pace of consumption, allowing time for the replenishment of natural resources.


afrkLIFE brings you skillfully crafted goods that celebrate traditional art and that benefit the artisans as well as the planet. Our products are sourced and handcrafted from leather, silk, cotton, wool, shells, beads and other natural materials that evoke calm and serenity in a frenetic world. Find something new and inspirational for yourself or as a gift for someone special.