How To Prepare Handmade Bracelets With Beads | Selling Homemade Bracelets

Getting bogged down while sitting at home during this pandemic? Do you feel you have way too much time on your hands with nothing worthwhile to do? Well, here is just the thing to keep you engaged and lift your spirits. 

How To Prepare It?

Handmade bracelets are surprisingly easy to make and what is better is that you can now prepare them to your liking in order to maximize the style quotient when you accessories. These days hand crafted jewellery, tapestries.utensils etc are all the rage with people finding their earthy personalities. 

They do not take much effort as the raw materials such as embroidery strings and beads are relatively easy . More and more people are now choosing beads as their go-to pick for junk jewellery. 

Items Required :

 All you need is some colorful strings with variable lengths from 30 cm to 80 cm depending on the circumference of your wrist. If you like, you can also get some seed beads to go with the bigger beads in your bracelet. 

  • Firstly, beads can be categorized into less than 0.5 mm, 0.5 mm to 1mm, and more than 1 mm. Of all these, the 1mm variety has shown signs of growing demand worldwide.
  • Secondly, we will have to gather all the materials which we will use to make bracelets. we can decide some interesting words for each bracelets like “ friendship “ , “ joy “ “happy” .You  will have to Make sure  that  you have enough letters for all the words that you want to make! Sometimes it been seen that we have run out of words specially “e” “ a” etc. 
  • Thirdly ,we will have to take two strings of different lengths and tie a knot and place them like a 'cross'. 
  • Forthly,  Now ,we will have to hold the vertical string down with, preferably, a sticking tape, pass a bead through the vertical string and then proceed to make a '4' with the two strings before tying them into another knot. You have to make a '4' again, this time on your right side and repeat the knot. Keep on adding the beads, alphabetically to create your chosen words and then tie 3-4 knots to secure each bracelet.
  • Lastly, for some extra decoration you can slip in some smaller seed beads in between. About 8-10 beads separated by the seed beads should be enough for a single bracelet.

For making your bracelet extra secure and solid, we can use some glue and put some dot of glue on our knot it will take less than 2 minute for glues to get try but we will have to make sure that after applying the glue we will have to pull the knot way from it. For this procedure adult guidance is needed. This step needs to be done by an adult only.

If you focus our attention towards some friendship bracelet ,we may find that  these are something which are so easy and cute for kids to make for themselves , we can make it colourful , and put some messages into it , which we can include through letter beads , and children might find it interesting while coming up with new words and phrases.

We can use some positive words, into our bracelet to provide a positive vibes into the mind of our kiddies:

Here are some of the words:

  • HOPE
  • KIND

How Making Bracelets At Home Help Your Kids?

Making bracelets should also be fun for children. Parents need a way through which their younger can channelize their creative energy and stay out of mischief. The only thing to be ensured here is a certain degree of parental supervision and safe use of instruments as dealing with sharp scissors can be a little tricky for the children. This can also prove to be a supplement for the crafts classes in schools.

How To Find Market For Such Homemade Bracelets?

Times are tough and yet there is manifest resilience in society trying its best to get back on its feet. Millions who have lost their livelihoods are trying harder to find employment. In such a scenario it is incumbent upon us to encourage  such efforts and do whatever little we can to that effect. Globally, research has shown us that Asia-Pacific is promising market for such goods. Reports have emerged indicating India and China are particularly major consumers of bead products. African countries have also shown immense promise as growing markets.

Selling Them Online & Offline

Facebook groups and Marketplace are ideal places to advertise your fare. In order to capture maximum attention putting out pictures of a variety of your products will surely help matters. Therefore, you can now put your Facebook and Instagram accounts to good use and reach out to your prospective customers.

Gifting Homemade Bracelets

The global bead products market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of ~6% in the coming years. Business which have been hit are restarting with new vigor. As the economy is gradually opening up, it is really looking forward to the imminent festive season to pick up demand. Gifting homemade bracelet with careful customization can help you win the heart of that special someone that you are so smitten by.

The Underlying Importance Of Making Bracelets

Now it’s the time to look for something new which will create some happiness in this pandemic situation. Finding happiness in doing the little things right is one such lesson. That is the reason why probably more and more people have emerged from this hiatus with a skill which may not necessarily be new but may be something with which we had long been out of touch. In this case learning to create a bracelet out of beads can be that little dose of sanity that we desperately deserve in times such as this.

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