How To Make A Handmade Necklace | Easy Steps To Prepare One For Yourself

As we see the advent of the new era, we find recent trends around every corner. In today's world, anything handmade is so in movement; you can try out handmade necklaces, beaded kinds of stuff, even DIY necklace, it is going to be authentic, and no one will ever have another piece as you will have.

Handmade pieces are unique in their way because no one can replicate the same work twice, and each piece is bound to be a little unusual and not a stark copy of the last one. 

Why should I opt for a handmade necklace?
  • If you are an appreciator of art, then handmade necklaces are just the thing for you. It reflects the artists' intricate artistry making it; they contain specific details that make the pieces even more beautiful.
  • Are you a nature person?

Then you must opt for a unique handmade necklace as they do not employ any machine which contributes to less pollution towards nature, also you will be able to support small artists who make this for a living. 

  • Fidgeting in the list of reasons for buying a handmade piece, this is probably the best reason you will ever find. A craftsman puts all of their time into making an article; they have a level of commitment that they never falter. Looking into any of your handmade items, you will realize a group of hard work, and you will be reminded of the person who worked so hard to make you look and feel beautiful. 
  • Quality matters. If you think any of your handmade necklaces will lack quality, then you are wrong. These workers use the finest quality of materials to give the best possible item for their customers. It is a small appreciation to use their products and give them the right revenue.
How to make a handmade necklace?

Don't you want to buy it?

Make your designer piece, be your designer!

You can easily make yourself a fabulous handmade necklace by following a few steps and buying yourself some raw materials. The choice of a person's jewelry is very personal and intimate; it should not be compromised at any cost. 

By abiding by the following instructions, you will be able to make yourself a necklace very quickly.

  • How To Make A Handmade Clay Necklace

  • Materials required- Polymer clay or oven hardening clay, crafting knife(be careful while using it), a glass, beads (wooden or brass or any of your choice), chords to secure the necklace.

    Instructions- get your clay ready by kneading it out; you can mix two or three colors if you want a marble effect or leave it to one color. Spread out your clay using a glass or roller. Take you crafting a knife and craft out any shape that you want your pendant to be. Use the help of stencils for perfect conditions and clean edges. According to your clay's instructions, you can either air dry it or bake it in the oven to dry it. Don't forget to get some holes into your pendant before you set it out for drying. Make the holes using your knife.

    After it has dried off, you can now embellish it. You can draw on it or just let it be. Put in your chord of any material through the hole, and put in beads to secure it; repeat the same on both sides. You can make the pendant in any shape you want, get experimental, and let the creative juices flow!

  • How To Make A Handmade Shell or Cowrie Necklace

  • Materials required- Shop bought shells or cowries with holes drilled in it will be necessary. If you cannot find any, you can also opt for any shell that you found on the beach, make a memoir out of it, be careful while drilling a hole onto it, take the help of an adult, or visit a hardware shop for doing it. You will also need some pliers, slip rings, and chains.

    Instructions- get all your ingredients together. Take your pliers and slide the shell or cowrie through the slip ring. Get your chain and just put the ring onto the chain and secure the slip ring, so the shell does not fall off. Voila! You're done; yes, it’s that easy.

    How to style handmade necklaces?

    We all probably already have a homemade necklace box in our house but struggle to find out how to style it; here's your styling guide with handmade necklaces. This guide will also serve as the must-have handmade pieces!

    • The showstopper. Everyone must have an over the top piece in their wardrobes. These are pieces that can make any dress from Nah to yeah! These pieces are not the ones that you can pair up with any fancy dress; pair it up with a basic dress to glam it up. Experiment with colors like red that will contrast with any standard color; you can also pull off a monochrome red look. You can practically never go wrong with this color; go ahead and experiment!  Check out the Red Vinyl Heishi Bead necklace from the Afrk world market made out of recycled materials. Handmade pieces make the world a better place to live in!
    • The minimal. Are you that person who likes to accessorize everything? You must go for a simple, one layered beaded item with a bunch of colors that will complement each and every outfit you are adorning. The beads will also add an afro vibe and will pull together your look. Wear it with jeans and top, or pair it with your skirt or dress, you will never go wrong with it. Afrk world market has a fantastic piece that is made out of Ghana beads and is entirely handmade.
    • A bit of boho. Many women like to get a bohemian touch in their outfits; a layered piece with embellishments must be what you are looking for. All of these pieces are very versatile and can be worn with anything! You can pair with formals, semi-formals, and casual too! Beads are so in fashion, and they complement almost everything. These layered pieces are designed to draw attention towards your neck and be appropriate if you have a broad waist; it takes away all the attention from the rest of the body parts. Afrk world market has a beautiful yellow piece with colorful chunky beads that will make any of your outfit shine.
    • Chokers.  No one can get enough of chokers. Get your hands on some beautiful statement chokers are capable of pulling your entire look together without an ounce of effort. If you are sporting monochrome, then add a splash of color to it with your choker; you will have all the attention and crowd, girl! Chokers have an unique way of stealing the show, especially if it is somewhat vintage; it has got that old school charm that no one has the capability to escape. At the Afrk world market, they have a leather choker with a beaded pendant; it will become the star of your wardrobe in no time. The colorful beads will make your outfit go from 0 to 10 within the blink of an eye! The intricate leather design on the neckband makes it even more gorgeous. Everyone must have a choker to finish their look with class and simplicity.
    • Simple yet glamorous. Any guide is a glass half empty without any simple pieces. You will need accessories to go with your everyday outfits; you need to look prepped up even on your regular days. You can choose simple pieces with leather chord and small but significant pendants on it. It will complement your office wear, college wear. Layer it if you want to put in some extra effort. Out on 2-3 pieces, but do not overdo it; make sure all of them complement each other. Make sure you buy those with a significant length of 25-30 inches as they complete most of the outfits very well. Afrk World market has Amulet Pendants that will protect you and add on to your style quotient.

    Jewelry and style are something very personal to every woman. Still, the staples have been put together to make styling a bit easy for you. Mix and match with everything to improve your style; play with everything to identify best for you. 

    Handmade Necklaces and Handmade Bracelets are the future industry, and it is so consumer friendly, you should adopt some of them to accentuate your wardrobe!

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