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Do you know that worst part about picking what to wear to work in winter? Your puffy winter coat would hide everything, and you would look like a lazy girl who just rolled out of her bed. But, if you choose to dress for a general work setting, you might end up shivering and turning blue. Here are the top nine work clothing ideas to suit all personalities.

A formal sweatshirt track pant set

How about getting to work in your sweatshirt and track pants? It might sound disastrous, but if you pick the right style and formal color, you can showcase the warmth and professional look. Do you want to look a little iconic? Pair it with a designer necklace or any gold statement piece. If not, try a coverall with high-end accessories like luxury watches, thick necklaces, or more.

Sweater with a jean look

Sweater and jeans are among the numerous work clothing ideas, especially if you are looking for a casual yet professional look. A mild colored jean with a bright sweater would be delightful attire. If you wish to show more class, pair it with an eye-catching earring and a formal loafer to bring out the casual look. Or, get out of the cliché look and move back to nostalgic trends like high-rise pants, large belts, and a thick long contrasting overcoat. Are you a scarf person? You can choose even the wildest option and still reflect a professional look.

Minimalistic t-shirt style

The nostalgic 90’s style is still one of the famous cold weather business attire. Choose a dark jean with a plain or mildly designed t-shirt. If you plan a stylish cold weather style, you can try crewneck tees, leather pants/leggings. Go crazy with your accessories like a rainbow necklace. This style is a basic look and if you wish to have a more refined look, choose a luxury tote. When you go for such a minimalistic look, avoid trench coats and coveralls and choose elevated coats to showcase your rich material and color combinations.

Knitted sweater dress

If you are trying a laidback look, you should choose a winter business casual look with a knitted dress and a thick trench coat that gives a contrast highlight. It might be hard to walk around in the cold with your calves battling the cold breeze. So, pair it with thick knitted socks or a boot matching the sweater. An over-sized trench would give you an effortless look and keep you warm and nice. A checked coat with a dark turtle-necked knitted sweater dress would make a perfect statement. Make sure to choose a muted checked pattern coat and add vibrancy with your sweater dress.

A work-out look

The best among the work clothing ideas other than the professional look is the work-out look. Choose a jersey with a hoodie, leggings to match, and a thick coat to give you the insulation you require. Thus, you will not look too dressy, but you will be very presentable at the same time. The best accessory to match this outfit is a contrast colored beanie. Cover your feet with a standard sneaker.

Cardigan and bralette

The cliché cardigan and bralette would give you a cool look, at the same time, would give you an out-of-the-box look. Remember that this winter business casual is too outdoing. So, balance it with luxurious earrings, formal footwear, and a coat. While choosing this style, make sure to have multiple layers of clothing of varying textures to have a trendy outlook.

Embroidered suit

How to dress for work in winter without abandoning your sense of fashion? Choose an embroidered suit with a mix-and-match turtle neck shirt. It is best to pair it with closed-toe footwear and a simple chain. The best way to boost your attire is to mix different color palettes like burgundy with black. If you wear a suit, pair it with ankle-baring footwear to show off your entire look.

Military styled outercoat

If you want to go with comfortable jeans and yet want to make a statement, you need a military look. Just throwing in a military jacket over your sweatshirt or over-sized shirt would not give a professional look. A cold weather business attire should be both a fashion statement and comfortable. Mix your jean with a soft or muted colored jersey and use the military jacket for the complete look and a cover from the freezing wind. Choose a sneaker or plain footwear to give an overall polished look.

Vinyl look

While the entire world is moving towards cape coat style, you can stand apart with your sleek vinyl style. A faux trench coat and a leather jacket would add the best finishing touch to this look. What is the significance in choosing a leather coat? It gives a vintage look that would highlight your overall attire. If you wish to add a scarf, do not go with the legging color, but choose a contrast one.

Work clothing ideas for winter are never a walk in the park. The harsh climate makes it hard to pull off short skirts, thin materials, or even show off your heel. You should be able to pick the right combination to showcase your style, and at the same time, it should be warm enough so that you would not nest inside a puffer coat. Even if you go with a puffer coat, try to wear a sweater around your neck to have a minimalistic look. Choose bold colored sweaters if your puffer coat is in a neutral hue. If you are going for a loose trench coat, pick tight-fit leggings and a minimalistic shirt. If you are going mild on the coat, show off your colors and polished look with your colorful attire.

So, winter is almost here, and what have you planned to be your cliché winter look this year? Or, are you planning to try all these nine models, one after another?

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