5 Ways to Style Homemade and Vintage Necklaces in Asia


For years, Asia has been taking over the world through its attractive jewelry whether it’s vintage or modern. India holds the legacy of making jewelry for over 5000 years. Pakistan and China are also famous for selling homemade and vintage necklaces. In Asia, homemade and vintage necklaces are found everywhere. Do you know how to style those necklaces? Don’t worry; we’re going to talk about styling your homemade or vintage necklaces in five simple steps.  

1. Styling homemade and vintage pendant necklaces

homemade and vintage necklaces in Asia

Pendants or amulets are the cute little accessories that catch eyes even from far. Pendants are one of the historical necklaces that started from the stone age. Vintage and homemade Pendants are easy to style. Find one that you like the most and wear it confidentially with a V-neck casual shirt. Since we are talking about Asian style, then wear it with solid color shirts and fancy skirts. In this way, your accessory and outfit both will stand out.

2. Styling trendy vintage/ homemade chokers 

homemade and vintage necklaces in Asia

Chokers are in the trend from the past few years in the whole world. They’re close-fitting necklaces that can be noticed from distances if worn right. Chokers can easily be adorned with cute little pendants. Vintage or homemade chokers have their vibe. The aesthetic look they give is pleasing and not to forget trendy also. Styling a homemade or vintage choker is quite simple, they would look best if you wear them with any off-shoulder shirt. It’s up to you which shirt fits well with the choker of your choice.

3. Making a bold move with statement vintage or homemade necklaces 

homemade and vintage necklaces in Asia

Statement necklaces are meant to state your style and personality. In Asia, statement necklaces are vibing since forever. Vintage statement necklaces give the aesthetic feels whereas homemade statement necklaces are a real piece of art that gets praises from everyone. Styling a statement necklace requires nothing but a decent choice of an outfit. They can be worn with collar shirts, that looks elegant. If you want to go bolder, try wearing it with a beautiful saree or Indian lehenga. Although in countries like India, people wear statement necklaces with heavy earrings. You can choose both looks and pull off the look smoothly.  

4. Attract everyone with waterfall vintage and homemade necklaces 

homemade and vintage necklaces in Asia

Waterfall vintage or homemade necklaces are the real eye-catching necklaces. Your neck flows every time you move while wearing a waterfall necklace. Today, the vintage and homemade necklace is the new modern style. Asia, the jewel of jewellery, provides waterfall necklaces of all types all around the continent. To pull off your look with a waterfall vintage necklace is easy. They blend in well with casual full neck shirts, mermaid dresses or plain shirts and embroidered/plain skirts. Choose the right colour combination, and it’s done. Get this necklace now! 

5. Styling long beaded vintage/homemade necklaces 

homemade and vintage necklaces in Asia

Long beaded vintage or homemade necklaces are also in the trend in Asia. Necklaces are also historical; the stones in it represent the vintage vibe pretty well. The long beaded necklaces are natural and enhance the look in a beautiful way. To style one, try wearing it with the long neck shirts, sweaters or jerseys. To get that Asian look, try them with sarees, dresses, lehenga, and even with a plain jumpsuit that has one stylish or simple jacket or coat. This way, you’ll stand out and achieve that wow look! It is available at an affordable price. So, buy it before it is too late. 

Now you know how to style homemade and vintage necklaces in Asia. Get your favourite necklace right now and rock your look!

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