Handmade bead jewelry for your wardrobe

Handmade bead jewelry 

Our appearance and the way we style and accessorize ourselves is integral for expressing the distinctive features of our personality and character. Nothing can convey your persona more accurately than choosing to adopt your own personal style which is a mingling of all the fun and inspiration that fashion poses. 

This is an era of individualism where one marks his own identity separate from others and holds it proudly in front of the world. Where once people used to exhibit their sheer fascination and make lavish praises for runaway fashion shows, holding them in high esteem and feeling proud of copying the current and popular fashion style, now they are inclined more towards breaking those imposed shells and coming out of a fixed, monotonous style to grow into something that can be truly a signature style, a statement that they can make.

Here are 5 ways in which your jewelry can make just the statement you want:

  1. Express your interest through your jewelry

Since statement accessory is all about showing your personality to the world, it needs to do so in a clear and loud way. Nothing is better than displaying who you are and what you value the most.

For this purpose, choose an accessory that portrays the exact pictorial representation or a genuine imagery of what your personal style and interest is. People with colorful and lively personalities can go for bright, attention-grabbing jewelry like a bright yellow African beaded waterfall necklace or Vinyl heishi multicolored while those who are interested in wildlife can opt for accessories with little animals on them.

  1. Match your statement jewelry with your outfit design

Clothing and accessories go hand in hand when it comes to creating the perfect fashion statement. It is therefore wise to get these two synchronized to make your jewelry stand out.

Wear your statement necklace on either off-shoulder, V-neck or scoop-necked tops to highlight it. Chokers look best on strapless outfits especially beaded chokers can make you establish a stylist liaison with the Africans who are famous for their colorful and unique prints and pieces of jewelry.

  1. Popping for Plain, Monochrome for Colors

Yes, that is the fun rule. Wear popping and loud, bold colors on plain colored outfits to make them stand out. Seriously a simple piece of bright and popping jewelry can make your outfit go from dab to fab!

Heavily colored outfits can be accessorized with monochromatic jewelry like black color. A diamond statement necklace or earrings can also go in sync greatly with bold outfits.

  1. Gear up to add more statement earrings, rings, and bracelets to your jewelry box

The fashion of earrings has become more and more fluid and versatile over the years. Inspired by African fashion, asymmetrical or mismatched earrings are trending these days.

With different shapes, different designs and different sizes come a unique blend of colors that are highly in demand and capable of grabbing attention. Coconut earrings and bracelets, though seem bizarre, also are making a statement these days for their tropical feels.

  1. Try DIY and handmade exotic jewelry

You can pick absolutely anything around you to create your own piece of jewelry. All you need are your required fabric/material, some paints, and a creative mind. Resins, coconuts, bright ribbons or shoelaces; anything can be made and molded into use according to one’s own choice. Tying triangle shaped glass pieces onto a spare old chain can also do the trick.

 Hand made pieces of jewelry are highly sought due to the ingenuity and durability they provide as compared to those made through machines. Check out our collection of handmade beaded African bracelets with exuberant colors to add to your style and beauty.



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