5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Leather Tote Bag In Your Closet

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If you love handbags then chances are you already have many different kinds in your closet - the more the merrier! However, if you get more than a little tired of switching from handbag to handbag, what you need is a good crossover handbag. One that is comfortable and classy.

The right crossover handbag will have the following characteristics:

  1. Casual enough for the weekend
  2. Practical enough to hold more than just keys and lipstick
  3. Professional enough for work or when wearing your power suit!
  4. Classy enough for after work drinks or a little black dress

To meet the first two requirements, the most practical handbag you can have in your arsenal is a tote bag. The problem is that most handbags for work or evening wear won't hold enough of life's practicalities and don't look right dressed down.

The right tote bag can make all of the difference. While just about any tote bag can be comfortable, for it to be classy you will need one made of quality, full grain leather - preferably handmade. Nowadays, a handcrafted leather tote bag is a must for every fashionista. Choose the right color and you'll be able to rock your trendy tote year-round.

At AFRK Market, we carry a handmade leather bag that is just perfect for any occasion and it comes in three great neutral colors. If you need any more convincing, here are 5 reasons why you should have a leather tote bag in your closet:

1. Durable and Long-Lasting 

Of course leather is gorgeous but it's more than just another pretty face. Full grain leather is durable product that is natural, comfortable, can take abuse and wears really well. Some synthetics will look good, but only for a while before they begin to peel, crack or come apart at the seams. If they are tough, like nylon, it won't wear well or look as nice or feel as great to the touch as a natural leather tote. Man-made materials may seem more affordable at first, however, you will get more longevity with quality leather. Nothing can replace the durability, style, and comfort that a leather handbag provides. 

2. A Bag for Every Event 

Most of the times, we get tired of selecting different bags for different events. A leather tote bag can save up all the struggle. With suitable prices and original colors, a leather tote give out the statement of being authentic and classy. You can attend any event or occasion with a magnificently designed tote bag. The classic can fit perfectly with any outfit or event. The fact that the tote bags are functional yet fashionable makes it much easier to complement your style and can also be worn as everyday handbags.

3. Carry everything you need - and then some!

While carrying a leather tote bag, forget about worrying whether it will fit or not. Tote bags have the delicacy to make themselves useful and vibrant. They can easily fit as beach bags, baby bags, work bags, school bags, shopping bags, laptop bags and much more. The vast size provides a luxurious space that can hold multiple stuff or useful things for any purposes. You can fit almost everything in your tote bag, and still, there would be enough space left for more. Sounds amazing, right? Check out how much you can fit in our leather tote in the video below:

4. Full grain leather always looks sharp.

The best way to leave an impression is to have a leather tote bag and carrying it according to your style. The tote bags come in elegant patterns and designs to showcase your look. The distinctive sense of style, class, and refinement that a leather tote bag offers allows you to flaunt your attire in a glamorous way. Make an statement with your bag by putting on bright, colorful jewels or moc croc shoes. Or keep it understated and elegant by tying a beautiful scarf around the handle.  

5. Quality is sustainable and better for the environment. 

As much as we love styling, we love our environment too and want to take care of it no matter what. Leather bags are eco-friendly. Low quality products are sold cheaply and designed to be disposable. On the other hand, handbags made with full grain leather will be used for years. If well maintained, they will always look brand new and take on a distinguished elegance even as they age. A quality handbag can be passed down to future generations and never really go out of style.

If you don't already own a handmade leather tote bag, get one today and wear it with anything anywhere!


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