5 Pleasant House-Warming Gifts for Your Friends and Relatives

Houses are made with love, warmth and a lot of effort and strains. While the results are great and very much longed for, the whole process of moving to a new house is indeed a stressful one and comes with its own challenges.

House-warming parties are arranged to celebrate such a success of moving to a new place, sweeping the stress under the rug. A grand or mini celebration that involves your friends and/or closed ones, house-warming party is an amazing idea to not only include people close to you in your happiness but also show them off your dream place.

To add to the delight, it is wise to be considerate enough to go to the party with a nice and pleasant house-warming gift. Worried about what to take? Running out of ideas? Fret not! Below are the 5 pleasant house-warming gifts you can bring along with you when you show up to your friend or relative at their new home:

  1. A Beautiful Painting


Making your house look aesthetically pleasing is one of the most important tasks one dutifully performs once he moves to a new place. A beautiful wall-hanging painting will not only look appealing inside the house but will reflect your refined taste in Arts and Aesthetics.


Immersed into the world of exuberant colors, a simple and classy painting can definitely make a plain wall go from dab to fab! Choose amongst these lovely paintings by Boubakari Konseimbo made on the canvas exuding vibrancy and extra ordinary skills, to gift to your loved ones.



  1. An Elegant Mug or Cup


Nothing can be awesome than beginning our mornings with a mug of hot coffee or aromatic tea. Adding an eye-catching piece of mug to serve this purpose will further boost the liveliness of it.


A durable, microwave oven proof and sleek looking Gye Nyame mug will be the best present for your friend or relative while they praise the glossiness and beauty of the mug and meditate on fearing nothing but God!



  1. Eco-Friendly Towel


Eco-friendly products are doing great these days after global warming, climate change and increasingly alarming threats to our planet Earth because of environmental hazards and the bulk of pollution.

A towel is essential in the bathing items and gifting an unusual eco-friendly one will surely surprise your host! Browse through this large, quick-drying bath towel made of 100% cotton. After all, what can be greater than gifting something unique which saves time and money and is productive for the user and the environment alike?



  1. Warm, Cozy Blanket


Longing for a good night’s sleep after the celebration of throwing a house-warming party is a natural phenomenon. A new and fresh blanket at your host’s newly made house cleanly piled and placed onto their bed will add to their delight and take that exhaustion away.


The cherry on top, a warm hand-made blanket with good quality fabric and natural luster like an Authentic Vintage Throw Blanket will make your gift stand out. Moreover, your host or friend will always cherish and remember this much-needed present whenever he will sneak onto his bed.



  1. Linen Table Cloths


Furniture, tables, and chairs we believe have the power to make or break the look of your home. That being said, you can help your host/friend/relative get the most qualitative yet classy and charming table clothes to be put on the table for that premium luxurious look.


A bad quality table cloth will only ruin the look of the fine table while a well-chosen table cloth with rich texture, design and natural drape will serve as a game-changer altogether and would show your thoughtfulness and indulgence into making the home look more appealing.

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