5 Environmentally-friendly Products for Home Décor that You can’t Resist Buying

While home décor is a thrilling activity, it also brings with it a fair part of troubles, especially when you aim to operate in an environmentally-friendly way. Your goal remains specific i.e. to showcase each and every item in a tasteful way. However, you are more likely to face everything from inadequate space to an interior that lacks sunlight. Under such circumstances, when you desire to decorate your home in an environmentally-friendly manner, then you probably are open to many challenges.

If you wish to live greener and overcome such challenges, then continue reading because you are in the right place. We have a list of exciting eco-friendly products that can be used to decorate your home and can get you the results you dreamt of!

Zaouli Guro African Mask

If you’re looking for something magnificent, yet environmentally-friendly for your home, then this Zaouli Guro African Mask is the best choice. This ethnic piece of art adds value to your living room when displayed elegantly on the wall. Three-dimensional fencing African mask brings high energy to your space and none of your guests can resist watching it for a longer. Aesthetic African masks are rare so you might have to pay more for such pieces. Fortunately, an affordable collection of African masks which is available here is worth watching! All you have to do is just count your favorite pieces in and you are ready to give a new look to your walls.





West African Shekere

The Shekere is an effectual instrument that originates from West Africa and aesthetically decorates your home without harming the environment. Dried gourd with woven seeds is enough to enchant your table beside the sofa. The great piece will be the center of attention of all guests who’ll first pick it up to give it a rattle. The instrument when tapped creates a rhythmic effect which is self-evident while for those who design it, Shekere is more than a musical instrument. The beautiful eco-friendly instrument is just a click away! So, grab it before it is too late.










Rattan Cane Furniture

Whether you’re enjoying the sunbath or entertaining guests in the evening, furniture for your indoor and outdoor is a must! Crafted from environmentally-friendly material that won’t even mind rainstorms rolling through, rattan cane furniture can give a new look to your space. Here are some astonishing characteristics of rattan cane that make this furniture perfect for your gardens, terraces, and living rooms:

  • Light-weight.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile
  • Weather-resistant

Hence, buying rattan cane furniture doesn’t mean you’re only living greener but it actually eliminates the burden of managing expensive furniture too.


 Rattan Cane




Scented Candles


If you love living greener then you probably are a candlelight lover. But are you aware of the fact that cheap paraffin candles add to carbon footprints that certainly is not good for the health? It further adds to the already existing pressure on the non-renewables. Thanks to the alternative scented candles that are based on clean-burning beeswax. You can now enlighten your home without any hassle.













Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets make a persuasive replacement for plastic bags all over your home, letting you live greener and happier. In fact, you’ll find it hard to throw sturdy wicker baskets away because they can fulfill some other purposes too. The eco-friendly basket is a perfect amalgamation of organic reed, grass, roots, and cane.  They can come up in different shapes, sizes, with an open or closed lid, be hung on walls or be placed on the ground. They have been in use for many centuries and are likely to be there for hundreds of years ahead. For the reason they are cheap, people find them perfect for their home décor. You can place colorful flowers and fancy clothes in these baskets to give a lively, fresh look to your rooms.

 Wicker Basket

Which product you think is the best fit in line with your requirements? Let us know through your comments below.

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